For the past decade Spain’s gastronomy has scored very high amongst food critics all over the world. New and innovative recipes, creative dishes and an excellent mix of sophistication within popular dishes have made headlines and landed magazine covers in the most prestigious publications.

What we do

  • At RPZ we have designed a new concept for cooking events, focusing on the talents of our expert chefs, the magic they create at the fireplace and the delectable food products we produce in Spain.
  • This idea consists of a series of live gastronomic performances that will make high-cuisine available to everybody; an idea that will boost your marketing campaign by leaving a good taste in your client’s mouth.

Cooking Workshops

  • Amateur Cooking- Providing a first encounter on the elaboration of simple dishes and basic handling of kitchen appliances.
  • Advanced Cooking- Dedicated to improving simple cooking techniques and emphasizing texture and taste in new recipes.
  • International Specialties- Dedicated to more experienced students looking to explore new cooking techniques and the gastronomical culture of other countries.
  • Product Specialties- For experienced students who want to maximize the use of a variety of products in their cooking.
  • Cooking Appliances- For students looking to improve cooking techniques that involve the use of appliances, (e.g. wok, vapor).
  • Smart Grocery Shopping- Learn quality control and how to choose the right product in the market.
  • Tapas y Pintxos- Growing creatively with this trend and discovering new flavors.
  • Tasting Tables - Wine, champagne, oils and vinegars
  • Food and Wine Pairing- Learning to combine gastronomy and wine to find the perfect match
  • Personal Culinary Workshop
  • New Trends- Slow food, fusion cooking, molecular cooking.
  • Tempting Flavors?- Flowers, seaweed
  • "Seasonal Monographic"- hunting,bull fighting,mushrooms,iberico

Event Organization

  • Gastronomic Trade Fairs and Conventions
  • International Meetings
  • Gastro-tours
  • Catering


  • Gastrocoaching (specialized courses dedicated to improving business management)
  • Gastromarketing (gastronomic events to reinforce client fidelity)
  • Gastronomic Role Play (activities dedicated to the development of managerial strength by role playing unforeseen circumstances)