•  More than 60 million people in 120 different countries play the sport of golf, with this number increasing exponentially about 8% every year. 
  • This data is a perfect example,markin the significance of sporting events as a powerful tool that can help expose a brand to a growing market with great purchasing power. Bringing together the ideal target audience in a sporting event full of exciting activities guarantees positive feed-back and successful client engagement. 

What we do 

  • RPZ Events is an international business founded in 1993 and dedicated to corporate communication. One of our areas of specialization is sports event management. 

What we offer

  • Private Tournaments- daily golf sessions reserved exclusively for private guests (current/prospective clients, official commitments, media) 
  • Social Tournaments- tournaments organized solely for the members of a certain club. Your brand will benefit directly from exposure to an otherwise hardly accessible high-end crowd 
  • Golf Tours- organization of various tournaments, private or social, to be organized in several different venues 
  • Clinics- the perfect way to engage your clients or staff in a new sport. An instructor will be in charge of teaching beginners and helping more experienced players improve their game. Clinics can be organized repeatedly (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) 
  • Golf Getaways- the possibility of travelling and staying in hotels linked to golf in order to enjoy a weekend of full involvement in the sport. Other complimentary activities will be included in your package (sales meetings, incentives, presentations, cooking demonstrations) 
  • Specialized Media Statements- at RPZ Events we have a team of trained professionals in the sport that can help generate news and broadcast messages, attracting the media to a particular product, aiding the development of a new brand or service related to golf. 

Client List & Past Events

  • In the past we have organized numerous golf tournaments and tours directed to all sorts of clients and players with of different levels, including the Spanish Golf Federation. 
  •  Clients
    •  Spanish National Championship (1999)
    •  Ryder Cup (1997)
    •  Tourespaña VIP Masters (1995,1996, 1997)
    •  Pro-am Madrid Masters (2005,2006,2007)
    •  Pro-am Business Marketing Game for ABC and ESIC (2005,2006)
    •  Pro-am Golf’s Friends Charity (2004,2005)
    •  VIP Golf La Moraleja (2005,2006)
    •  Sabadell Private Banking Golf Tour 
    •  Banco Madrid Tour
    •  Banco Inversis Tour
    •  CEPSA Tour
    •  Confortel Tour (2002-2005)
    •  Solbank Cup (1999,2000)
    •  AECC Cup (2002-present)
    •  Davidoff Cup (2003-2005)
    •  Hertz Cup (2000-2005)
    •  Grupo Banus Cup (2004-present)
    •  Valle Romano Cup (2004-present)
    •  Fadesa Cup 
    •  ALD Cup (2002-present)